The messages

of your soul

My Gaze into Your Soul

With your explicit consent, I connect with your soul. Here, I am allowed to gain insight into images and scenes from your current life or even from your past lives. Often, I recognize old karmic burdens and connections. Oaths, curses, vows, etc., are also common and they continue to affect you in your here and now, holding you back and keeping you small. But with the Soul Rendezvous, the first step is taken to unleash your full potential. Very often, I am immediately able to dissolve limitations, and if your soul reaches out to me with its desires, I am happy to relay them to you. You will feel understood and sheltered. Your journey will continue with strength and confidence.

Across Spatial Distances …

The Soul Rendezvous is an application where we don't need to meet in person. I work on the spiritual level, completely independent of physical distance. Shortly before your scheduled time, I will contact you again via SMS or WhatsApp to ensure that you are ready for me to "log into" your soul. My work begins only after your consent. I recommend that you allow yourself some peace and quiet during this time, as it facilitates the connection to your soul. The "login" takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

I have had great experiences with conveying the images and scenes from the Soul Rendezvous, as well as any messages from your soul, in a voice message via WhatsApp or Telegram. This way, you can choose your own pace for this often very moving experience and listen to the message as many times as you like.

It can happen that I am unable to "log into" your soul because there is a matter that needs to be resolved first. In that case, I will also inform you via voice message and, with your prior agreement, perform a new Soul Rendezvous within a period of 1 to 2 weeks, at no extra cost.

Willst du den Körper heilen,
musst du zuerst die Seele heilen.


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