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Energetic Space Clearing

Energetic Space Clearing

Your home is a place of retreat and trust. Here, you recharge your energy, let go, and simply want to feel comfortable all around. Therefore, it is particularly important that your home is free from negative burdens and vibrations. Sometimes, however, you may notice that deceased individuals have not yet been able or willing to find their way into the light. These earthbound souls can bring unrest if they continue to stay in the house.
To bring cleanliness back to your home on a subtle level, I connect with the soul of your home and examine its energetic environment. I can send the earthbound soul(s) into the light using a ritual.

Afterward, you will feel much lighter and more familiar in your house again. The difference is noticeably palpable.

If you are interested, I look forward to your message.

Prices available upon request.

Eine geschlossene Seele ist wie eine dunkle Höhle:
Kein Licht dringt hinein, keines dringt hinaus.

Kahlil Gibran

Purity through Energy Work

Energetic Space Clearing is an application where we don't need to meet in person. I work on the spiritual level, completely independent of physical distance. Shortly before your scheduled time, I will contact you again via SMS or WhatsApp to ensure that you are ready for me to 'log into' your house/apartment. My work begins only after your consent.

I have had great experiences with conveying the experiences, images, etc., of your home in a voice message via WhatsApp or Telegram. This way, you can choose your own pace for these messages and listen to them as many times as you like.
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