Recharge your mental batteries

Reload your energy


At the beginning of your incarnation, your soul absorbs the Elise Energy - the life force - with its full potential, essentially at 100% battery level. However, over the course of life, this Elise Energy diminishes continuously due to illnesses, traumatic experiences, profound emotions such as fear, anger, or grief, and more. Until recently, it was not possible to replenish the lost energy. However, modern times have brought about a comprehensive change. Every individual possesses two channels upwards - let's call them Channel A and B. Through Channel A, every person can recharge their life energy, and through Channel B, they can also supply Elise Energy to others. This comforting, fulfilling, and strengthening process is also available to you, and you will notice a significant change in your life. Channel A is typically 'unlocked' after approximately 9 sessions, although very individual experiences may vary. It's quite possible that your Channel A is already open, even if you haven't noticed it. Are you curious about this wonderful gift?

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