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    Energy balancing: Soul Rendezvous: € 174,-Energy balancing: Reload Your Energy: € 67,-Energy balancing: Energetic Space Clearing: upon request

    How it works

    For the application, it is not necessary for us to meet in person because I work on a spiritual level, and therefore, physical distance is not a limitation. Regardless of whether you are in Mexico or India, I can establish a connection with your soul on a non-material level with your explicit consent.

    After your booking, I will contact you within 2 days via WhatsApp/Telegram, and we will schedule an appointment. By making your booking, you also give your consent for me to 'log in' once for the purpose that serves your soul.
    Please note that during the session, you should be in a relaxed state so that I can establish the connection with your soul most effectively. The session lasts between 30 - 60 minutes. Afterwards, you will receive a voice message (WhatsApp/Telegram) with the images, scenes, and any messages from your soul to you.
    I will be available to answer any questions about your session for an additional three days.

    If your budget is currently depleted, please feel free to reach out to me. Together, we can find a solution.

    Please note:
    Immediately after the session, there may be an 'initial worsening' as old patterns, entanglements, and scenes come to the surface to be lovingly resolved.

    No time to keep your appointment? If the request for a change of appointment is made within 24 hours before the agreed-upon appointment time, or if the appointment is not kept, there will be a 100% charge. I appreciate your understanding.

    Sag mir nicht, wo deine Prioritäten liegen.
    Zeig mir, wofür du dein Geld ausgibst und
    ich werde dir sagen, welche das sind.

    ames W. Frick

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